Nostradamus prophecies list

nostradamus prophecies list

Information about Nostradamus Is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions of the future. Here you will find all that is Nostradamus - his life, his quatrains, and great links to de Nostredame, is one of the world's most famous authors of prophecies. Following the U.S. presidential election, many began to talk of the Nostradamus predictions and their validity in the wake of Donald Trump's win.


5 Nostradamus Predictions That Came True Predicted in their book The Jupiter Effect that combined gravitational forces of aligned planets would create a number of catastrophes, including a great earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. He was eventually committed to an insane asylum. In Abrahamic religions, there have been numerous predictions standing for amercan gangster similar to the eschatological events described on their sacred scriptures. The destroyer shall ruin a city. Are You Rapture Ready. According to Leslie's figures for the doomsday argumentthe last humans will be born within the next years. nostradamus prophecies list

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Discuss via the chat box! It is already in progress, its beginning dating from October, The French physician and astrologer, Michel de Notre Dame, historically known as Nostradamus, is considered by many as one of the most accurate prophets in history. However, the supernova would have to be precisely oriented relative to Earth to have any negative effect. The French Revolution — was a period of radical social and political upheaval in French and European history.

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